Göran mittelspitz

Aureahof's I Shot The Sheriff, "Göran"
Birth: 10.11.2019
breed: mittelspitz
color: white
sex: male
height: 39,3cm (measured in agility competition)
breeder: Pia Geyskens, Finland

Health results
Hips B/C
Elbows 0/0
Knees/pat.lux 0/0
Heart auscultation and ultrasound: No signs of heart disease. Murmur grade 1/6, no symptoms. Will be controlled again in the future.
Testicles: normal
Teeth: all teeth, scissor bite
Eyes: will be examined later
Back: healthy (2021). Will be re-checked later officially.
Göran pedigree

Göran keväällä 2022, ikää 2v 4kk.

Rally-Obedience results
RTK1, Ylöjärvi SM-kilpailut 20.08.2022, Jaana Karppinen
88/100p, Hyvinkää SM-kilpailut 16.10.2021, Pirttimaa Hannele
100/100p,  12.06.2021, Heikkinen Pia

Agility results
17.04.2022, Tartu, judge Stefi Praakli: 
A1 jumping 0, 1st prize.
18.09.2022, Tartu, judge Esa Muotka:
 A1 jumping 0, 1st prize.

Show results
JUN Very Good 1. Tallinna Winner 2020.

More videos and pictures
from trainings, competitions and our everyday life on Instagram @mittelspitzgoran

Göran is energetic male, who is always ready for working. Göran loves solving tasks and running fast, so thus it should not come as surprise that our main hobby is agility. On the other hand we have compete also in rally obedience with nice results. In addition to agility and rally obedience, together with Göran our goals is to show how dog training, clinical examinations at animal clinic and treatments or grooming can be done with dog-friendly methods (R+ training).  

Göran enjoys being with other dogs very well and so we go out many times a week with our dog friends.
With new people, Göran is usually skeptical at first and if person is too excited about dog, Göran does not care to meet her/him. HOWEVER if person has good deal for Göran (e.g. fun game, work task,  food or just lovely bitch) Göran surely quickly becomes friends :D

Fun facts: 
1) At home Göran is amazingly silent. Göran does not bark if family member comes home, but he just dances happily and takes off the owner's shoes. While doorbell rings he will, of course, tell about it. In agility hall and with friends he does use his strong voice :D
2) He runs just as fast as his bordercollie friends. In agility competitions, speed has been 5,62m/s.  Real pocket rocket!
3) Göran has really weird habits: He loves blueberries but sometimes he does not want to eat chicken or even beef. He always wants to climb on my back and can stay there 15minutes happily, like a cat.

Göran keväällä 2022, ikää 2v 4kk.

Favorable characteristics from view of breeding:
+ phenotype, expression, dark eyes 
+ work motivation/ perseverance (taistelutahto)
+desire to work with human
+ dog sociality
+ ability to operate in herd with other dogs
+ body condition, muscles, good head carriage
+ teeth, normal size strong jaws
+ side movements
+ good quality bright white coat

Unfavorable characteristics in Göran, owner's opinion:
- little bit wide front movements
-tearing eyes, particularly right eye
- murmur 1/6 in heart. Checked with ultrasound and there were not any pathological changes. Sound comes from blood turbulence due to one free tendon in left ventricle.
- small hook between two last caudal vertebraes, X-ray documents available
-could have darker pigment in nose
- Hips could be better
-/+  dog like Göran requires understanding, dog training skills and a lot of humor from the owner. Thus absolutely not suitable dog type for everyone.

(c) Hanna Hansen, Göran agilityliitää

(c) Hanna Hansen, Göran ja kepit